Cloud Solutions

Putting your application in the cloud


What is Cloud computing?

For the past 20 years the traditional way of using your management system software was to install your software on the desktop PC in your office, everything including data is stored on the local PC, and even in todays business world that model still works extremely well.

However, with the advent of faster more reliable Internet connections, there is now an alternative to this 'traditional' method.

With Cloud computing, your software is installed on a PC in the Cloud (The Cloud is a general term used to describe a PC located in a secure data center - on earth!), the software still works in the identical way. However because your software is now in the Cloud and not in your office, you can access your information from anyway in the world, and on almost any device (Windows, Android, I phone, I pad and Macs).

Once accessed via a secure login, you will have the same familiar Windows desktop. For many businesses they are now seeing the advantages of moving all their software applications to your desktop in the cloud, with little or no software installed on the local PC.

The benefits of Cloud Computing


The most significant benefit is the security of your business data, with your data secured in the cloud its not open to theft, fire, or other risk elements associated with storing data on a local PC.

As mentioned above you can access your data from almost any type of device, so no matter if you are office bound or out on the road, provided you have an Internet connection your Cloud Desktop is available.

If you are currently networked within your local office then you can still share any data that needs to be shared, this is done by having multiple logins, if you are using one of our software systems then all the data is shared in an identical way to the traditional method of networking


Is it for my business?


Having read the comments above, most of our users who need a Cloud solution will identity with the advantages to their business if cloud computing is for them. Should you wish to see an example of what you can expect with a cloud solution then please contact us.