Software Activation - how it works
FIRST - What is a Forever Licence

When you purchase any of our software where a 'Forever Licence' is stated, this means that you can use that software 'Forever' without the need to pay any additional charges or fees. When and if you decide to move your software to another PC you can follow the procedure below and accomplish this yourself - whether you have support or not. If you have a support contract with us we are ready to assist should you need this help.


IMPORTANT: There is however one exception that is not covered by the 'Forever Licence.


To be able to transfer your licence you need to have access to the working PC that the licence is currently being used on. If for any reason you cannot access this PC then you will be unable to transfer the licence. The licence is lost. This means you will need to purchase an additional user licence for each PC you are unable to gain access to - you do not need to re purchase the software application again, just an additional licence to replace the lost licence.


You should also note that we are not able to provide you with the software application you originally purchased, so you should keep a copy of the original application .exe. This exe will be used to re install your software. If you have a current support contract then we can provide you with the latest version, which is included in the support contract.


Activation procedure - Why?

With the continuing development of more sophisticated operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and 11) and a greater emphasis on Internet security, we are pleased to say we have kept up with all these changes and technologies and still provide our users with a robust software solution which you can be assured will provide the information your business needs when it needs it. However, unfortunately this does mean that we have to draw a line under older systems, so we are unable to support older versions of our software. This does not mean you have to stop using our older software - it just means we don't support these versions anymore. If you have a support contract you will receive product upgrades as part of this contract. Our software will still work on Windows XP (with Service pack 2 installed), Vista, Windows 7 and upto Windows 11. .

What this means to you and your business

If you are a new user there will be no change - just enter the Activation code you will have been sent when the Activation code is asked for. However if you are a current user who has an older style Activation code similar to this 347643 or if you purchased online RC8765421. When you upgrade to the latest version of our software you will need to obtain a new Activation code from us - you will need to do this within the first 28 days of installing your upgraded software. You can get this Activation code by calling us (44 1243 870369) and we will then send the Activation code to you via email or you can use this contact form to obtain your Activation code. If you do not have an Internet connection you should still call us and provide the Registration ID of the PC you are installing your upgraded software on (see below Licence Key).

Once you have your new Activation code this will then be valid for all further upgrades you install.

New Activation means more control for you

In 2014 we have introduced a new activation server for the majority of our software products. The good news for you is that this now brings more flexibility as you can now control your own PC licencing. Your new Activation code will provide you the opportunity to move your licence from one PC to another without the need to contact us whether your have support or not (We can still provide help and assistance for these procedures if you need help). This new Activation procedure will provide significant benefits to both you and your IT support.

How to transfer your software Forever Licence / Activation

There are two ways to transfer a Licence/ Activation from PC to PC. One way is if you do not have an internet connection and the other way is if you do have an internet connection. Which method you use will be determined by what you required when you initially set up your software.


Activation Code - Most Popular Method (Needs internet connection and must previously been activated by the internet)


We provide activation codes for the vast majority of our users, and transferring an Activation code from an old PC to a new PC is extremely easy. On the old PC go to All Programs and select your product name from the group - then click on 'Transfer Licence'. Enter the Activation code you were sent when you purchased the software. This can be found on the email we sent you and can also be found on the invoice we sent you.

With the Activation code entered now push 'Deactivate' this will then transfer the licence from that PC back to our licencing server. Next install your software on a new PC and when asked to Activate at the start up, put in the same Activation code this will now 'draw down' the licence from our server and this licence will be used on the new PC.


Licence Key (this is provided by us only if you DO NOT have an internet connection) - You will need a memory stick for this procedure.


You CANNOT use the Licence Key procedure to transfer a licence if you requested and supplied with an Activation code (90% of end user have Activation codes). An Activation code looks like this: 12ED-AB3D-6G89-0EGH (always has dashes between characters - a Licence key does not have dashes).

We will have provided you with this licence key when you purchased your software. So if you now want to move this Licence Key to another PC - First install your software onto the New PC. Then on the new PC, go to All Programs - Select your Product name and then within the product group select 'Transfer Licence'. In this screen you should copy (via a Notepad or Word file) to the memory stick the 'Registration ID' of the new PC. Now take the memory stick to your old PC. On this PC (old PC) again go to All Programs and locate your product name then click on the 'Transfer Licence'. Copy the Registration ID of the new PC in the Registration ID box that will be showing. Then finally push the 'Transfer out' button. This will then generate a new 'Licence Key for use on your new PC'. This Licence Key should be taken to the new PC via a memory stick . You can then start the application (our software) and copy the Licence Key into the box called 'Licence Key' and then push OK. Your licence is now transferred.


Check your Activation Key details here

Destroy Function

Your Activation Key (PC's that have been activated via the internet) will cover either one or more of your PC's using the same program, which have been activated using the same Activation Key. To run the destroy function go to Windows - All Programs ( or All apps) find the product name group - select Destroy licence. By destroying the licence you will destroy all the licences on each PC that activated the program using this Activation Key. To run the program on this PC again you will need a new Activation Key.